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We’ve got TONS of great Summer inventory, as well as a good bit of Fall inventory right now, which we will begin liquidating immediately!

June 25th we will begin our STOREWIDE CLEARANCE SALE! We hope you will stop in and load up on some great deals!

If you have any items to pick up we ask that you stop in ASAP or by 7/3. Anything not picked up by 7/3 will be donated.

If you have a gift card, or store credit we ask that you use it ASAP, or by July 20th at the latest.

Please help us spread the word! Tell all of your friends and neighbors!

To Our Valued Customers.

First off, we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers who have continued to support us thru this crazy, uncertain time. Operating a business during a pandemic has been challenging, to say the least, and we are very grateful for everyone that has expressed concern and well wishes for our business and for our family. That being said, in true 2020 style, we have some bad news to share. BUT, we’re going to try to follow it up with some hopeful news, so here goes…

BAD NEWS: As you know, the impact the quarantine has had on many small businesses has been quite damaging. Angels and Rascals is no exception. We have been very mindful of recommendations, and done our best to adapt to what we hoped would be a temporary situation. However, as reports of positive test results rise, we are forced to consider the fact that we are very likely entering a ‘new normal’, or at the very least a longer temporary than we expected, one which unfortunately our current business model cannot sustain. After much careful thought and consideration we have decided that at this time, we have no choice but to close Angels and Rascals at it’s current location.

HOPEFUL NEWS: Angels and Rascals is down, but hopefully not out!! Right now our plan is to take a little bit of time to observe and regroup and hopefully adapt in a way that will allow us to continue to be your favorite place to buy and sell the very best gently used children’s clothing items from near and far for years to come!! We don’t know exactly what that will look like yet, but we’ve got all kinds of great ideas that we’re really excited about!

Please stay tuned into our Facebook page! As soon as we are ready, we will announce when/where/how we will begin accepting items there, as well as on our website.

Hope to see you all soon!!

Scott & Erin Welk
Angels and Rascals


Monday  10AM – 4PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 4PM
Wednesday 10AM – 4PM
Thursday 10-AM – 2PM
Friday 10AM – 2PM
Saturday CLOSED

**We are able to allow 4 customers in the store at a time.